our experience

at 360.cx, as your chosen partner, we bring our experiences both from working together as a direct team & from the other opportunities that each of us has been involved with in a variety of different organisations & roles.  that is the collective knowledge, experience & capability you can access.

customer journey design

UK government agency


designed the solution for how every UK pensioner would access a new welfare entitlement.  established a customer contact centre solution to manage all customer contact during the 18 month launch period.  ensured that artificial boundaries across the organisation were not exposed to the customers by cross-training on common functions to allow the contact centre to handle an increasing % of the basic transactions.  developed automated telephone capture solution for when call volumes hit peak during TV advertising in order to ensure that the customers were not inconvenienced & that their claim could still be made with ease.  built the relationship with an external partner, who provided 50% of the contact centre capacity, establishing them as an integrated part of the department.

partnership development

uk government agency


established an outsource partnership for a central government agency with an experienced contact centre BPO.  the government agency had limited experience of operating contact centres & had not delivered on the scale required for a new product launch.  the partnership brought expertise into the agency & a structured skills transfer plan was established to transfer the knowledge & skills to an in-house team. the result was a capability established in the agency that was then used to deploy other contact centre solutions across the welfare department.


uk retailer


ran an exercise to source a partner for a uk retailer whose proposition is supported by a range of financial services products.  the solution gave 100% of the operational responsibility to an experienced partner who was incentivised commercially to deliver a digital transformation programme that introduced new channels into the customer contact operation .  the financial services operation required regulatory governance & controls to be implemented across the relationship.  the operating model transitioned from solely uk base to a majority south africa based.


global analytics partner


established overall approach & model for client engagement providing a single view of the client journey.  ensured that through a central database & consistent tracking/reporting client management would be successful when distributed across the exec team through leveraging effective information management & tools already used by the business.  working with a consultancy partnership overseas, developed a “white labelling” approach to enable quicker access to a broader client base.

transition & transformation

uk retailer


designed & developed a customer contact transformation plan that created a digitally led proposition with 40% operational cost savings.  the multi-brand retailer was looking to drive their online business in parallel with bricks & mortar.  the customer contact model was heavily telephone led.  worked with the customer services team to devise a clear strategy & end state design for the future customer contact model.  structured a transformation plan & simple, visual governance model to ensure successful delivery of agreed outcomes.


global bpo business


led the planning of a large scale transition between 2 bpo suppliers.  this involved brokering the full range of activities that were to be migrated & developing a schedule to ensure a smooth transition with maximum protection of customer service/experience.  the plan had to be aligned with the business case to ensure the financial results matched all parties expectations & the operational capacity had been adequately reviewed & tested.  the transition also involved an increase in the % of work being delivered from south africa, so a level of quality testing had to be included in the programme with contingent options in the event that performance did not satisfactorily meet expectations.  having developed the transition approach this then had to be presented to the respective exec teams & final agreement to the approach secured.  the transition was agreed & subsequently delivered to plan.

operational leadership

global BPO (Insurance)


completed an advisory piece with a global bpo business that services the insurance sector.   this involved the delivery of a feasibility study to assess the opportunity to transition c800 operational, finance, hr & it roles from uk, north america & australia to south africa.  having concluded that the proposition was viable then took on the remit to establish the new operations (infrastructure, it, people, processes, etc) in cape town & johannesburg with 600+ seat capacity & built the exec team responsible for leading the new business services division including a shared hr service that supported globally & the local sa business.  this involved establishing transition methodology & programme governance to manage the 18 month transfer of multiple services from the 3 regions & forming a transition plan to deliver the business case benefits.  the assignment also required the creation of the new operational structures & recruitment of specialist as well as leadership roles.  the responsibility for running the operation was then transitioned to the new exec team.

alternative community model



the community contact centre hub model is at concept stage.  however, through our experience across a number of businesses we have demonstrated successful design and running of multi-site, virtual contact centre operations.  we also have experience of utilising a home-worker bps supplier as part of a larger virtual network where all of the functions/activities were undertaken remotely.  as we develop this model we are drawing on global experts to ensure we take learnings from other “remote worker” models.