our purpose

“enabling you & your teams to transform your customers’ experience”


your boutique consulting & services partner

  • customers ultimately engage fully with a brand or business through human experiences
  • chef information officers, transformation directors & chief digital officers are not the key to delivering transformation of the customer experience
  • true transformation is achieved by equipping everyone in an organisation with the right understanding, empowerment & tools to realise & sustain the change

our fundamentals

360.cx we test everything that we do against some fundamental principles.  they lie at the heart of the organisation & guide how we deal with each other, our partners & our clients.  they, as much as what we do, embody 360.cx  “the company” represent the people that ARE our company.

360cx fundamentals on business cards - marcellus - no pen

our services

customers demand more today than ever before…….. or do they actually just request what customers have always asked for “to be treated like an individual” & for you to demonstrate that “you care that they are a customer of yours”? but even that can be easier said than done. whether your business is built around long-established legacy processes & systems or you have the luxury of setting up from scratch getting the journey for each of your customers just right is no mean feat.

  • design the end-to-end customer journey you aspire to & lead a programme of change to deliver this working with your team
  • develop digital capabilities that ensure you are offering true ease of access to your business
  • review your existing customer journey & prioritise improvement opportunities (including quick wins)
  • design and implement new channels for your customers to interact with you

everything that happens in your business / organisation matters; if it didn’t you wouldn’t be doing it. but that doesn’t mean that you will have the capabilities or capacity to be able to deliver everything within your own team. & that is where the option of partnering with a specialist provider can be the right choice to make but choosing the right partner & contracting approach can be the key to achieving success or not.

  • lead the sourcing exercise to find the best partners to support your operating model
  • review your existing partnerships & recommend options for the future operating model
  • advise on a partnership strategy to help you (& your partners) get the best value out of working with each other

at some stage every organisation will have to make some changes. & most organisations have created a certain level of change capabilities to support delivering those changes. but what do you do when you need to make a change that is beyond your existing capacity? any change, no matter how large or small, needs to be fully owned by the organisation; our approach is always one of working with you & your team to support them in realising the change ambitions. we will never DO TO anyone. when it comes to transformation we like to get involved as early as possible. we don’t mind boasting about our strengths in strategic thinking & planning. we will shape a transformation target state that strikes the balance between being ambitious & delivering your desired vision whilst also ensuring an achievable change plan is developed.

  • plan the change with you & then help you to ensure the right team are in place to make it happen
  • work with your existing team to provide the direction & to lead the governance which will ensure a successful change delivery
  • supply a complete team that can lead & deliver the change working with teams in your organisation

setting up & running any kind of operation can be both draining & rewarding. depending on your personal style & preference the excitement of the initial period when you have the opportunity to create it just how you want can quickly turn into a constant treadmill of having to create things that “most established operations just take for granted”…. & the teething problems of introducing processes & technologies for the first time can be extremely frustrating. add to this the unknowns that you will encounter if you are setting up operation in a new location it can be a daunting prospect. but expansion of your business or setting out on a new venture makes it a necessity. & getting it right swiftly is imperative whilst ensuring that a new team is firmly established & properly equipped to deliver a consistent performance well beyond the excitements of day 1.

  • establish new operations (including in new geographies) & transition the leadership to your own team after a period of running
  • lead the set-up of new operations working with you to establish the permanent operational leadership team from day-1
  • evaluate & advise on existing operations with a focus on service performance & customer / colleague experience

business processing services are not hard to find in most countries across the globe. typically they occupy large multi-floor or warehouse style buildings which boast 100’s / 1000’s of seats. but there is also a growing pattern of home-working featuring as part of those companies operating model. south africa has its own maturing bps industry but there is limited home-working as the homes of most people working in contact centres would not lend itself to being a place of work. but a hybrid model which sees a network of small contact centres being established across the country can utilise the same remote processes & systems as those for home-working. this model expands the pools for recruiting into bps roles to large parts of the country where remoteness from city centres or centres of commerce has prevented those people from considering even applying.

  • build & deliver your services from our own community contact centre network
  • partner with you to establish new community contact centres combining our resources to increase the impact in the chosen location
  • advise on the introduction of a local community model

our story

each of us has a story … the narrative of our lives so far.  we are certain to engage with each other at a deeper level when we have a greater understanding of each others’ stories; the same is true of our relationships with organisations.  the more we understand, we are able to assess our experiences against this context.  to help you engage meaningfully with your people & your customers take a moment, bring them beyond the cover of the book, provide a clear & honest explanation of who you are & what you are looking to achieve/deliver.  be judged by more than just your cover.

Roxainne and Tim’s paths first crossed when Tim visited cape town around 2011; they were working quite literally on opposite ends of the table in client / supplier organisations.  but it wasn’t until a number of years later that this uk/sa partnership would take the stage.  after collaborating on a number of projects they decided that it was time to pursue their common passion for: a) delivering a customer experience that truly connects with where the customer is at; & b) equipping & enabling individuals so that they can be empowered to achieve their full potential. this led to the formation of the boutique consultancy and services business.  they share an ambition to establish a business processing service that is genuinely grounded in principles that Tim & Roxainne passionately believe in & that will serve as a disruptive force intended to make a real difference in lives & communities

throughout her career Roxainne has developed a focus on the customer & their experience with organisations & brands.  starting out in the world of sales & marketing and branching off into advertising & branding , her emphasis was on creative thinking & solution centred design. this has given her a fresh & disruptive approach to “the way things work”.  since joining the bps family she has gained a clear understanding of the sector & the opportunities that south africa offers for both domestic & international clients. Roxainne has had first hand experience of delivering complex transitions & transformations.  her experience has centred heavily around client relationships, people development,  partnerships & coordinating  various teams & functions during transformation & delivery.

her bps career started in people development & training.  this is where her desire to empower the less fortunate began.  Roxainne is passionate about seeing people achieve their potential, especially women, children & the previously disadvantaged.  “if i am able to empower & equip a handful of individuals, encourage community togetherness & upliftment, then I have no reason to not TRY.”

throughout his career Tim has built a reputation around organisational design & development; partnership sourcing/delivery & strategic transformations.  prior to setting up his consulting business in the uk(sunley associates) he held a number of positions in the public & private sectors where he designed, built & led customer service operations both through internal teams & outsource partnerships.  through this he gained extensive experience of the business process services industry largely from the client side, though during his time consulting he has been more closely involved with bps supplier engagements.  he has also built a wealth of knowledge & experience of south africa as an international delivery destination.

strategy is close to Tim’s heart & he believes passionately that in any organisation or scenario it is important to clearly understand the complete story, “the big picture” & this includes looking at the customer’s journey end-to-end & developing solutions from that perspective.  Tim also views the ultimate reward as seeing individuals achieve their full potential & counts it a privilege to help equip & enable them on their journey.


customers expect & should get a consistent end-to-end experience whenever they engage with a brand or organisation

true transformation of any service or organisation can only be achieved when everyone involved is equipped & empowered to play their part

this requires everyone in an organisation to understand the strategy (the story of who we are & our ambitions) & be clear what part they play in making it happen

everyone should have the opportunity to realise their potential; when we remove the barriers it empowers the individual but also expands the talent pool benefiting industry as well